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Scheduled Maintenance: What It Means

Maintaining your vehicles fluid system’s can save you a lot of headache.

For instance:

Brake systems will break down fluid and create moisture in lined over extended periods of time. This reduces the boiling point of your fluid and will cause weaker than normal pedal response. Not to mention ABS problems. The solenoids in the ABS will clog and set codes, and are expensive to fix. A simple flush at approximately every 30,000 miles keeps everything working smooth and free and also eased your mind about safety.


Another system that is overlooked is the power steering. The fluid will definitely break down and cause erratic steering and short life of systems. A good way to save time and money on expensive component breakdowns is to flush this system every 30,000 miles also. With a good flush process all the old fluid is removed, a cleaning agent is added then new fluid with conditioners is added to help lubricate old seals and preserve the life of the system. Compare the prices of a new rack and pinion and/or power steering pump with the price of a maintenance flush. I think you will agree.


Another system sometimes forgotten is your automatic transmission. It should be flushed and cleaned every 30,000-40,000 nukes to prolong the life of components inside of your transmission. There are a lot of electric solenoids in transmissions these days, and are likely to hang or stick from being dirty.  A good cleaning agent, new fluid and conditioners will save you a lot of headache on your transmission. The average replacement cost for a remanufactured transmission is approximately $1,800-$2,600. This does not include fluid or labor time at the shop.


We at Mac’s are writing this little letter to you so we can save you money down the road. We value your business very much, and if we can save you aggravation and time then that will make us, and you a lot happier. And that is our goal.


Thanks for your time and business,